Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Woodstock, Cape Town: ROLLERCOASTER TOUR

With a line-up that will 'rock your socks off'...
The fathers of Cape Town's rock scene, THE DIRTY SKIRTS who always manage to please the crowds. LARK with their merge of electro, rock, and all things beautiful.
Then we have UNIT-R who have been credited with possibly the best electro song to come out of Cape Town with 'Clap'. HOWARD ROARK who will please us with a dash of indie rock 'n roll; the new kids on the block. Finally we have, in my opinion, the two best acts to come out of South Africa, DESMOND & THE TUTUS and SWEAT X. Both class, both very original; the tutu's know how to disco and jive, while Spoek and Markus, from sweat x, are the kings of busting and grinding.
If you think you can miss rollercoaster and still be a cool kid you are definitely mistaken.

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