Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things to do in Cape Town. 19-21. 09.

Kid of Doom/Yesterdays pupil. Yet again the good old Pretorian boys head done to the Kaap to bash some joyfully lyric-less melodies through the hearts and souls of the mother city's youth.

Fokof are playing their first gig in a while, I certainly am eager to see what the boys have been up to since their last gig. Let's hope the weather warms up and all us temperamental Capetonians are able to get ourselves out from the warmth and comfort of our homes. I will be there.

Dear John Love Emma are a talented group of musicians, playing there first gig on Saturday night. This is not a gig to miss. If you can, be there.

Girls Attire. Steven Allen.

Steven Allen. So these clothes are really nice. Girls all over the world should be dressed like this. Not for me, but for themselves.

I would also like to point out the nature or more precisely the look of the model. I know I might be a little slow to point this out but I really enjoy how some clothing labels have moved away from your typical model look to your more folk-like, Chan Marshall/Feist type girls. She is real, well at least it seems that way more now than ever before.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things you should be looking at.

picture for the day.

Untamed Youth Heritage day Party. this is bound to be good just look at the set list.
Style Guide Cape Town. this is just so you know what others feel.
Chew the Magazine. this is just rad.and if you click on this link quick enough you will get access to the first copy. no adverts. i suspect the second one will have commercial filth spread over it like peanut butter on white bread.
The Publics. a nice little blog. pity about the delay in posts. not that im one to judge.
Cheap Monday. go look. quality jeans at a reasonable price.
Hipster Runoff. the greatest blogger of 2k7-8.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A is for awesome.

The guys at astore have joined forces with us over at We Are Awesome to bring you a much needed indie gathering. The party will be held at Reception, the new kid on the block in terms of venues, it is located behind the 24h Engen in Orange street at 129-131 Hatfield st. Be there.

event page

Friday, April 25, 2008

24th post. Sovereign Academy.

"Sovereign Academy is a massive party that travels around South Africa featuring loads of exciting outfits with similar musical interests. Sovereign was launched in December 2005 and has since grown from strength to strength. Creators, Ben Rausch and Matt Suttner had a dream to expose Pretoria to the "disco punk" that Joburg kids had been grooving to for 2 years. Luckily (for Cape Town) this dream was realised quickly and has exploded to all parts of South Africa. Since its inception Academy has attracted acts like Kidofdoom, King of Town, Jonny Neon and many others who fit the bill.

Cape Town's The Final Field Trip marks the last party on the road for the Academy year before heading back to the Highveld for The Academy Graduation Party later this year.

Come the 30th April, The Final Field Trip will hit Assembly with violent insolence! Kidofdoom are deemed to be one of the very first dance-rock acts in South Africa and have played at almost every Sovereign get together since the beginning. They played not too long ago at Evol and awesomed the jol!

Perhaps, to Cape Town, one of the most exciting acts in this very distinguished line up is the ever impressive Jonny Neon who played to a very receptive Assembly crowd in February. The only purely electro act of the night Jonny Neon is a two piece art punk synth pop act who work exclusively with analogue synths and loads of never ending visuals. They have just shot and released their first music video.

Other exciting acts for the Final Field Trip include King of Town (said to be the "godfather" of the dance-punk scene in SA) and Sassquatch. (Aka Ben Rausch and co-founder of Sovereign, Sassquatch presents half of Jonny Neon and an exciting DJ mixing music and visuals like no one's business. In celebration of The Final Field Trip, Sassquatch has put together an ecstatic mix well worth downloading.) Data Takashi and Cassioheart are two other well known acts promising to rip up the Assembly floor boards.

If this sounds like your kinda jol, hop along to the Facebook invitation for more info!

See you there…"

by Richard King

Saturday, March 22, 2008

33rd post. cool things to do. dance.

next weekend.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

32nd post. Vice.


"Remember the kid who was a grade ahead of you in junior high who listened to MDC, knew Watchmen by heart, and smoked pot out of an apple? He hasn’t changed at all, and he’s still putting the rest of us to shame by not giving one flying f$#%."

here is a little example of the stuff vice are producing in their do's and don't's section. very entertaining.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

31st post. far over due. Smack Talk.

so i know its been a while since a last posted.
i have been pretty busy.
this is what i've been busy with...

but here are a few things that i have discovered or that have birthed
while i have been in silence: go look.

pnau. this is a cool little aussie duo.
lots of fun. 'music you can dance to with your kids'. i dont have kids but liked the quote never the less.
liam lynch. here is a talented
south african. go look at his photos. they are nice.
smack talk. a friends blog. he writes about bands i like. go read.
nice tees.
computerlove. design archive.
vice: do's and don'ts.
designiskinky. it really is.