Saturday, December 29, 2007

the 29th post. local. we are awesome.

Ok so there is this really cool new site. My friend, Sean, and I started it and basically it is awesome.

We Are Awesome aims to reflect the artistic side of Cape Town's nightlife and the creativity of Cape Town's street fashion.
Wherever there is art in the form of fashion,
design, music or people, we plan on being there to capture it.

I really hope you guys enjoy the site.

the 28th post. local events rollercoaster.

17 December

Next on this weeks agenda was Rollercoaster, which also had a undeniably amazing line-up. Poor lift organisation on my behalf meant I only caught the later end of The Dirty Skirts last song, but more about them later. Desmond and The Tutu's, in my opinion, owned the show, with their handsome good looks and child like melodies. It's only a matter of time before you catch yourself falling asleep to their guitar riffs and choruses. Sweat X once again delivered, although sound difficulties did plague their entire set. The heavy big rock sound that had obviously been set up for preceding bands didn't favour either. Another band which stood out were Howard Roark, although they did seem to be more interested in the array of teenage girls which flocked to their attention. Typical rockstars.

So all-in-all it was a good gig/festival, but one has to point out the seemingly poor organisation and choice of bands. Although the line-up was mainly dominated by independent non-mainstream artists of the indie-rock genre, there were a few interesting additions to the composition which made very little sense to me and those i conversed with. Neither 340ml or Obita seemed the part, but maybe I am naive and close minded. One last complaint, why did one of the top acts play last? Surely it would have been more beneficial to have Sweat X earlier when people were still present and concentrating.

All that said, it was a good show and i will definately pay 100 bucks to experience it again.

local stuff to enjoy. the tutu's.
Desmond and the Tutu's - Good and Guilty
Desmond and the Tutu's - Kiss You on the Cheek

Friday, December 21, 2007

the 27th post. local events. arcade.

16 December
Arcade, with its amazing line-up, once again delivered in terms of entertainment,
unfortunately numbers were lower than one would expect at such a attention capturing event. Some blame it on the weather others on the fact that Sunday is not usually a party day for any one. But what ever the reason for the poor attendance, those who did go definately didn't regret it. The evening was kicked off with some heavy electro beats, which were followed by the genius that is Lapse, he songs are 'so fresh and so clean' not jiving to them would seem a crime. Marcus then took over the wheel and played a slightly more electro set, which was enjoyed by all. Be sure to catch the next Arcade.

Friday, December 14, 2007

the twenty-sixth post. charts. top 5's.

Indie scum's top 5's of 2007.

1. Kings of Leon - Because of The Times.

2. Babyshambles - Shotter's Nation.
3. The Wombats - The Wombats Proudly Present..A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation.
4. The Maccabees - Colour It In.
5. The Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future.

1. Kings of Leon - On Call.
2. Peter, Bjorn and John - Young Folks.
3. Babyshambles - UnBiloTitled.
4. The Wombats - Moving to New York.

5. Sunset Rubdown - They Took a Vote and Said No.

1. The Hype Machine.
2. The Cobra Snake.
3. FFFFOund.
4. Spray Glue.
5. lastnightsparty.

Local Acts
1. Desmond and the Tutu's.
2. Sweat X.
3. New Loud Rockets.
4. Lark.
5. Eat This, Horse!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

the twenty-fifth post. local talent. local events. arcade

So it's time for another arcade. This now the third of what seems to be a very successful monthly party held at mercury. The first one was mad, this I can say from first hand experience; the second I only heard good things about. So if I was you, I would head down to mercury on Sunday the 16th, remember there is a public holiday on the Monday. This party is bound to be a super slice of cool with a line up that includes names such as Markus Wormstorm, an old member of club cool, and Lapse, a newer member of the society but not lacking of that indie wisdom.

Photo's of the event will be taken by We Are Awesome.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the twenty-fourth post. local talent. events. rollercoaster.

Woodstock, Cape Town: ROLLERCOASTER TOUR

With a line-up that will 'rock your socks off'...
The fathers of Cape Town's rock scene, THE DIRTY SKIRTS who always manage to please the crowds. LARK with their merge of electro, rock, and all things beautiful.
Then we have UNIT-R who have been credited with possibly the best electro song to come out of Cape Town with 'Clap'. HOWARD ROARK who will please us with a dash of indie rock 'n roll; the new kids on the block. Finally we have, in my opinion, the two best acts to come out of South Africa, DESMOND & THE TUTUS and SWEAT X. Both class, both very original; the tutu's know how to disco and jive, while Spoek and Markus, from sweat x, are the kings of busting and grinding.
If you think you can miss rollercoaster and still be a cool kid you are definitely mistaken.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

the twenty-third post. local talent. new loud rockets.

you know that feeling when you start losing hope, your heart seems to beat
erratically, nothing really seems to be working out, you start losing
hope in music all together. that feeling where not very much makes you happy
and you kinda think living more primitively would be cool, making fires, killing boars
that vibe. but then you hear something so sweet, so melodically beautiful, something
fresh, something cool, something new , something loud, like a rocket.

i heard the new loud rockets, and yes they do sound a lot like the strokes, maybe too
much, but i like them and they are awesome. they go against the common stream of local
bands, they are happy, done to earth fellows who are flippen talented and know
the ingredients for a sweet little disco jive. and im sorry but how can they not be awesome,
have you seen philip's, the drummer's, mustache. exactly.

they have an Ep "Let's Play House" it's available.
email newloudrockets[at] for more details.

the twenty-second post. party. nu-flex.

so if you want to have fun, and it must be assumed
that even the most glum of people, at least somewhere
in their miserable existence, want to have fun, then
head down to old trusty disco k on the 8th. not only
is Nu-flex fun, its fresh, tasty and full of all that stuff that
doesn't exist at your average Saturday night hang out, and
by 'all that stuff' i really mean debauchery, indecent
exposure and the like. so i guess i will see you there.

dress code and details here

a taste of that is Sweat. X.
Sweat.X - Sweat X