Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things to do in Cape Town. 19-21. 09.

Kid of Doom/Yesterdays pupil. Yet again the good old Pretorian boys head done to the Kaap to bash some joyfully lyric-less melodies through the hearts and souls of the mother city's youth.

Fokof are playing their first gig in a while, I certainly am eager to see what the boys have been up to since their last gig. Let's hope the weather warms up and all us temperamental Capetonians are able to get ourselves out from the warmth and comfort of our homes. I will be there.

Dear John Love Emma are a talented group of musicians, playing there first gig on Saturday night. This is not a gig to miss. If you can, be there.

Girls Attire. Steven Allen.

Steven Allen. So these clothes are really nice. Girls all over the world should be dressed like this. Not for me, but for themselves.

I would also like to point out the nature or more precisely the look of the model. I know I might be a little slow to point this out but I really enjoy how some clothing labels have moved away from your typical model look to your more folk-like, Chan Marshall/Feist type girls. She is real, well at least it seems that way more now than ever before.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things you should be looking at.

picture for the day.

Untamed Youth Heritage day Party. this is bound to be good just look at the set list.
Style Guide Cape Town. this is just so you know what others feel.
Chew the Magazine. this is just rad.and if you click on this link quick enough you will get access to the first copy. no adverts. i suspect the second one will have commercial filth spread over it like peanut butter on white bread.
The Publics. a nice little blog. pity about the delay in posts. not that im one to judge.
Cheap Monday. go look. quality jeans at a reasonable price.
Hipster Runoff. the greatest blogger of 2k7-8.