Saturday, October 27, 2007

the seventeenth post. arcade.

so there was this nice little party called.arcade.
the other night. it was pretty cool.
this party was not just a once off. arcade parties are gonna become part of our lives.
a norm if you like.
you should definitely be at the next one.
watch this space.
mercury is the place.


Nix & Chris said...

We love Indie Scum

Rad blog :D

Nix & Chris said...

Oh, and we'd like to be link buddies :)

Berry said...

thank you.
like wise.
its done.

Anonymous said...

The next Arcade is on the 17th Nov
Mercury Live

Dj Line Up

Ed Lamma
Broke Guy
David Dazure

and special guest Klinikal

Theme is : Dark Disco

So if you wanting to hear some Dirty Electro slabs join us in your best gear!

Till then


Spray Glue said...

nice blog! i enjoyed your posts!

I heart Indie Scum long time


Christopher de Beer said...

yeah, flippin cool blog, nice to find cool southafrican blogs :D